Say No! to violence against children!

Amidst the big monster of Covid 19 that threatens human beings globally, along with thelockdown are many challenges. Amongso many reports,was the Daily Mirror articleon the 23rdof April, 2020 “Facing the consequences of Lockdown” that referred to the rate of violence having increased. In particular according to the Chairperson of the National Child Protection Authorities Prof. Muditha Vidanapathirana who highlighted a 40% increase in the number of reportedcases of violence against children occurring behind closed doors between March 16thApril 9th, 2020. The level of child cruelty is often ignored with other “urgent fire-fighting” and yet the important scars that are left on the lives of children being easily overlooked.

Even though it is hardly in the hands of the general public to provide answers we can join our efforts to help cushion the survival of these little minds while they stay locked down. Child Action Lanka is looking to give out care packs with things that can help “Put a smile on a tear stained face” while giving our committed team island wide an opportunity to make sure children are heard and have a chance to express themselves with confidence by knowing someone took time to check on them.

The proposed care pack can include:

  • Pen, pencil, Eraser, sharpner Rs. 50
  • Exercise book and colours Rs. 100
  • A toy Rs. 100
  • Biscuits and sweets Rs. 100
  • A checklist, information pack, hotline number, little booklet (students SRW UCLeuven)
  • Sanitory item & packaging Rs. 50
  • Study Pack (printing) Rs. 100

Cost per pack per child Rs. 500, = 2,5 euro

Our team from all across the island are prepared to go along with government workers adhering to current regulations in order to distribute these packs and perform checks on how children are doing. It may not change what they face but it definitely will change how they feel. We are looking to provide this pack for as many children as possible. Your donation in cash or kind is deeply appreciated.

For further information please don’t hesistate to contact me at:

Debbie Edirisinghe: or +94779021730